Dracula, by Jaime Rovira

Jaume Rovira was born in Sentmenat, Spain in 1951. He studied Philosophy and Literature at the University of Barcelona, as well as Contemporary History. Apart from this, he took courses in animation (with José Escobar), classic drawing and storyboard writing. He made his debut in comics in 1970, working for children's magazine DDT.

comic art by Jaume Rovira

He created comics such as 'Pepe', 'Hotel Mediaestrella', 'Vicente el Dependiente', 'Segis y Olivio', 'Aliens', 'Piluca', 'Los cinco amiguetes', 'Pablito', 'Angel', 'Los dibujantes también lloran', 'Tarzàn de los monos', 'Drácula', 'Historias del compact disc' and 'Obseso pisafondo' for magazines like Din-Dan, Pulgarcito, Tiovivo, Mortadelo, Garibolo, Zipi-Zape, TBO and Guai. He also drew 'Pato Kwak', 'Opi e Ipo', 'Muzzy' and 'Donald Duck' stories for the Danish Disney magazines. As a freelance graphic artist, Jaume Rovira has also made many posters, illustrations and storyboards.

Segis y Olivio, by Jaume Rovira

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