Sargento Morales by Enrique Meier
Sargento Morales

Enrique Meier was an Argentinian comic artist, best known as the driving force behind the 1970s comic magazine Turay. The earliest found comics work by Meier is 'Sargento Morales, de la Gendarmería Nacional', a series drawn in alternation with José and Juan Clemen, in Ping-Pong in 1952.

He was subsequently contributing to Aventuras del Oeste, while also making drawings for newspaper La Razón. When the political climate in Argentina settled down in 1974, Meier launched the independent comic magazine Turay with Editorial Julio Korn. Presented as a project in which all the participants had an equal say, the magazine lasted only for four issues.

Meier moved on to work for Record on serials like 'Jungla de Asfalto', and for Columba on 'Regreso a Corregidor' and 'Caballeros del Desierto'. He moved to Spain in the 1980s.

Turay comic magazine
Turay - Hermano de Aventuras (cover artist unknown)

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