Mi Vida y los Sueños de mid vida en: la tina verde

Rogelio Bobadilla Gómez is working in the fields of comics, illustration and animation. He has published his work in the daily Milenio, in magazines Gulp!, Generación, and Artes Marciales, and on the online Chilean portal Ergo Comics. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he took courses held by publishers Vid and Ejea, and he worked at Sixto Valencia Burgos' studios for a while. He then began cooperations with the magazines Casos Extraordinarios and La Mano del Destino, and with Oscar Gonzales, with whom he worked on 'Hermelinda Linda' and 'Zor y los Invensibles', among others. As a member of the Taller del Perro collective, he was a contributor to Gallito Comics. Bobadilla has also been active with multimedia projects, making CD Roms, Flash animations and web pages. In 2001, he participated in a manga for the publisher Nagual. He has self-published his comics project 'De mi Vida de Cuadritos'.

Al Final de Camino, by Bobadilla Gomez

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